Electrolyte Powder
Based On Pickle Juice

100% Non-GMO, Vegan, and Keto Safe

The best electrolyte drink powder for muscle cramps

What is an electrolyte powder based on pickle juice?

Our premium Picklelyte powder supplement contains minerals, vitamins, and prebiotics to support your entire body. Our powder is vegan, 100% GMO-free, and keto diet-friendly. It replenishes your electrolytes naturally, offering more vitamins and minerals than sports drinks, and is a great low-carb way to rehydrate your body.

PickleLyte’s electrolyte pickle juice powder offers multi-system recovery with the following ingredients:

Vitamins C and B
Amino acids to support muscle recovery
Prebiotic inulin for gut health

What are the Health Benefits of Pickle Juice?

We understand the amazing health benefits pickle juice offers, which is why our pickle juice electrolyte supplement contains the same beneficial ingredients. Picklelyte helps your muscles recover after a workout, aids in digestion, helps you hydrate faster, and can help regulate your blood sugar.


It helps with exercise recovery

When you exercise, you sweat, losing fluids and electrolytes. Dehydration and an imbalance of electrolytes may cause you to experience muscle cramps, fatigue, and dizziness. To relieve these symptoms, you have to replenish and rebalance your electrolyte levels. Pickle juice for cramps contains the electrolytes you need to recover.

This includes sodium, potassium, and magnesium levels in your body. Pickle juice and our pickle juice electrolyte powder both contain high enough amounts of magnesium, sodium, and potassium to restore your electrolyte balance. It helps your muscles and body hydrate and recover faster.


It’s great for your gut health

Naturally fermented pickles and their juice contain probiotics, which are beneficial for your digestive and overall health. These microorganisms help maintain healthy bacteria levels in your gut, which aid in digestion and support your immune system. Probiotics are not found in pickles or pickle juice made from vinegar.

Our Picklelyte powder contains prebiotics, another type of microorganism that feeds and supports your gut health. They’re a food source that helps your good gut bacteria to grow and aids in digestive regulation.


Regulates blood sugar and may help with weight loss

Research shows that vinegar, including in pickle juice, relieved large spikes and dips in participants’ blood sugar levels. It also helps lower blood sugar levels in people with glucose abnormalities such as type 2 diabetes. It may be easier to control your appetite and lose weight when your blood sugar is more stabilized.


Contains antioxidants

Pickles and pickle juice naturally contain vitamins and antioxidants that help protect your body from free radicals and oxidative stress. This is why we’ve added vitamins B and C to our pickle juice powder. Vitamin B supports your brain function and energy metabolism, while vitamin C increases your immune fighting powers.

Who Can Use Picklelyte?

Everyone can benefit from hydrating and replenishing their electrolytes with our pickle juice powder. Our supplement’s ingredients help support your muscles and nerves, and overall health, no matter your activity level.

Our electrolyte powder comes in individual pouches for easy portability in your gym bag, purse, or pocket. It’s great for athletes interested in pickle juice for sports recovery, as well as anyone needing to rehydrate quickly or while on the go.

It doesn’t have the briny, intense flavor of pickle juice. We use natural fruit and dill flavors and organic Mexican agave that gives your drink a slightly sweet and zesty taste. Simply mix with water or your favorite beverage for quick rehydration and recovery.


Other Conditions Picklelyte Can Help

Picklelyte isn’t just for athletes and can be used to help alleviate many non-exercise related problems. Our supplement can help you whether you’re dealing with jet lag, a hangover, need to increase your sodium intake, or simply want to support your health and immune system.

Jet lag and travel

Extended travel can cause dehydration and jet lag. One of the ways to cure jet lag is by making sure you’re drinking enough fluids. Picklelyte helps people with jet lag rehydrate quickly and ensure their electrolytes are balanced to help them recover.


We’ve all had a time or two when we’ve indulged in a few too many alcoholic beverages. Consuming alcohol can leave you dehydrated and deplete your important electrolyte levels. Instead of feeling miserable the next day, add our Picklelyte powder to your water for effective hydration and electrolyte balance. Mix it into a glass of water the night before to avoid a hangover, or use it in the morning to get rid of one fast.

Salt maintenance

Some health conditions like hyperhidrosis or extremely low blood pressure may require consuming more salt per day than you can get through your diet alone. Picklelyte is great for anyone following a high-sodium diet for their condition. It also helps people who have trouble maintaining normal sodium levels.


The B and C vitamins and the prebiotic inulin in our Picklelyte help support your immune system. Vitamins B and C contain antioxidants that help your body remove free radicals while supporting your immune system.

Prebiotics support your gut health, which is important for your immune system. Certain B-cells inside the gut are responsible for producing antibodies that fight pathogens. Without prebiotic and probiotic support, antibody levels fall.

Recovery from excursion

Picklelyte isn’t just for marathon runners and bodybuilders. It can help anyone who has been physically active. If you’ve just completed yard work or playing outdoors with your kids in the heat, you could be dehydrated.

Our supplement helps you rehydrate faster than water alone, providing essential electrolytes. It can help you recover faster from your everyday activities and maintain your energy throughout the day.

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